Nov 22, 2009

on the voice

Voices are strange animals. For example, you can't see your instrument. Secondly, when you get colds, you lose your instrument altogether.

Sep 25, 2009

back to the future

We have moved back to my hometown- Spokane, Washington!
While I loved working with international students at UWSP, I'm enjoying a more artistic and theological position at Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church. Erik is still in education, but now he is an admissions counselor for Gonzaga University. It is really great to be home and employed!

Feb 15, 2009

Valentine's Mix

We all love a good mix tape. Here is mine from this year's Valentine's Day.

Oye Como Va- Tito Puente (best dance song ever)
You're the one I want- Chris & Thomas (smashing charmer of a song)
Birds & Ships- Natalie Merchant (for the sad side of Valentine's Day)
Love You Madly- Cake
So Nice So Smart-Kimya Dawson (best lyric, "I like boys with strong convictions, and convicts with perfect diction")
Sea of Love- Cat Power (this cover is pure romance)
Wonderful Night-Fatboy Slim (another great dance tune)
Anthony- Nickel Creek (for the one that got away)
A Wink and a Smile- Harry Connick Jr. (A classic)
Do Your Thing- Basement Jaxx (I dare you to sit still during this song)
Beautiful Life- Ace of Base (oldie but goodie)
Sweet Pea- Amos Lee
Aux Champs-Elysees- Gilles David Orchestra

Jan 20, 2009

Celebration of Discipline

One of my favorite books is by Richard Foster.

I like him for 3 reasons:

1- He is a Quaker.
2- He is insightful and nuanced.
3- He wrote "Celebration of Discipline"

It is great book to use in discussion with others or just to read on your own. I read it first by myself, and found myself wanting to discuss the ideas with others. This year we are reading it with our small group. One of Foster's main ideas is that the disciplines bring freedom. We are freed from our dependence on always having our own way when we submit to God's will. We are freed from our worry and selfishness when we practice the discipline of prayer. We are freed from hurry and business when we practice the discipline of simplicity and let God fill the space in our lives that we filled with other things.

May we all find peace in life by making room for God to give it to us.

Nov 12, 2008

A few tired phrases

massive bailout plan

insurance giant AIG

historic election

in the spirit of change-

prodigous bailout plan

insurance titan AIG

election of consesquence